Omkara Beauty is delighted to partner premium Scottish spa brand, Pure Lochside who create therapeutic organic skin care and luxurious spa treatments.  Pure Lochside products are packed full of delicious natural and organic ingredients. Aromatherapy expert, Fiona Tutte, draws on extensive experience to design ethical, organic and anti-aging skin care products to treat a range of skin conditions.

All Pure Lochside products are oil based formulations rather than creams which enables the active ingredients to penetrate into the deep layers of the skin rather than sitting on the surface like cream based products. Plant oils work in harmony with the skin and the finest, luxury plant oils used by Pure Lochside do not clog the pores and help to balance the skin and naturally revitalise.


Pure Radiance Organic Facial – 60 minutes

Begin with professional skin analysis before the relaxing deep cleanse with award winning Organic Orange Cleansing Oil and unique skin polishing technique. A warm prescriptive refining mask is applied to face, neck and décolleté after the toning face massage resulting in glowing, radiant skin.

Quick Boost Organic Facial – 30 minutes on massage chair

Revive the skin with a deep cleanse with sweet orange and mandarin scented oil and unique skin polishing technique followed by special application of anti-ageing oils to regenerate. Ideal for all skin types this maintenance facial refines and smooth’s the complexion.
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